The Town of Pittsboro Code of Ordinances specifically addresses who is required to have a permit, when and where they can and cannot solicit, and states that they must carry the permit on them at all times. This does not include NON PROFIT ORGANZATIONS

"No Soliciting" signs usually deter solicitors but there are those who are not selling a product and only want your signature or a moment of your time. Examples of this would be Political Canvassing or Church Organizations (NON PROFIT)  .  A "No Trespassing" sign would be an option to deter all forms of soliciting


  • The Pittsboro Police Department cannot enforce a Home Owners Association's "NO SOLICITING" . Each homeowner must designate their property as NO SOLICITING or NO TRESPASSING
  • The Pittsboro Police Department will enforce the Town of Pittsboro's Solicitor Policy
  • Ask a Solicitor selling a product to see their Permit from the Town of Pittsboro. If they do not have one, ask them to leave.
  • Never invite a solicitor into your home. You can say "no thank you" without opening the door.
  • Never give a solicitor your Social Security number.
  • Avoid paying with a check or credit card. Cash is best - get a receipt.
  • If an item seems too good or too inexpensive to be true, it probably is.
  • Orders taken are required to be in writing, in duplicate (you get a copy) and to state the name of the solicitor as it appears on his/her license, the solicitor's permit number, the address of the solicitor and their employer, the terms of the agreement and the amount paid to the solicitor.
  • If you encounter a solicitor who becomes aggressive or won't take "no" for an answer, ask them to leave, shut the door and call 911.