Pittsboro Police Commission

The Pittsboro Police Commission meets the first Monday of every month at 33 East Main Street in Pittsboro Indiana. The meetings begin at 6:00 PM and last until completion. These meetings are open to the public

President                                    Rob Saunders                                  rsaunders@pittsboropolice.org

Vice President                           Dustin Danai                                    ddanai@pittsboropolice.org

Member                                      Steve Carder                                  scarder@pittsboropolice.org

Member                                      Larry Compton                                 lcompton@pittsboropolice.org

Member                                   Kimberly Shupert                               kshupert@pittsboropolice.org


Police Commission


The open position for the Pittsboro Police Commission has been filled By Kimberly Shupert

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Pittsboro Police Commission open position


The Town of Pittsboro currently has an open position on the Police Commission. You must be 18 years age and a resident of Town of Pittsboro and live within the corporate limits of the Town.If interested,please send resume to sping@townofpittsboro.org or drop off at the Town Hall, 80 North Meridian Street,Pittsboro. The deadline to apply is 05.10.2022.

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Indiana Firearms law


 Effective July 1, 2022 Indiana will become a Constitutional Carry State

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