Identity Theft

Identity theft refers to specific indentifying information being used without your consent.

Examples include: name and date of birth, electronic identifying numbers, routing codes, account numbers, or social security numbers

How is information compromised? There are numerous ways for an indentity thief to obtain your information. Most victims believe they have been jeopardized online. Although a thief can obtain your information through low-tech means such as telephone scams or even personal documents you throw away.

If your indentity has been jeorpardized , follow these steps

 -Fill out the affidavit provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

-Compile documentationrelating to your compromised identity (i.e. bank statements, letter from the IRS, credit bureau reports).

-Contact (317) 839-8700 and request a Fraud Report be made 

The case will be investigated or forwarded onto the property authority. Upon exhausting all leads, the case will either result in the perpetrator being found and charged or the case is closed