Police Department Programs

The Pittsboro Police Department is implementing two new programs to benefit all citizens. The department is also encouraging the volunteer efforts of all citizens to support and strengthen the abilities of the Pittsboro Police officers. Through the new programs:  Older, Wiser and Loving Seniors (O.W.L.S.) and Neighborhood Contact Officer Program (NCOP), Pittsboro Police Chief, Christi Patterson states the department hopes to improve on the continuing positive relationships between the citizens of Pittsboro and the police department while deterring crime.

Older, Wiser, & Loving Seniors (O.W.L.S.) is a program intended to benefit older persons, who may be homebound, and not having local family members present to check on their welfare.  The senior need only to ask the police department, and a member or volunteer from the department will keep in regular contact with the senior. The only requirement is a telephone. 

The second program will assign an officer to each neighborhood.  This is a new and innovative community-oriented policing initiative that assigns each officer an individual neighborhood district.  The Neighborhood Contact Officer Program (NCOP) will identify quality of life issues, as well as have specific problem solving opportunities.  NCOP Officers will assist in organizing block parties, neighborhood crime watch training, and neighborhood flashlight walks.  To find out who your Neighborhood Contact Officer is go to pittsboropolice.org.  You will be able to contact that officer through e-mail.  If your addition or street is not listed, please contact the nearest NCOP Officer to your area.

Those interested in the Pittsboro Police Department’s Citizen Police Academy can still obtain an application at the police station or online at pittsboropolice.org. If you would like to sign up for Senior Watch or you have a family member that you would like to sign up, please call 892-3329 or e-mail Chief Patterson at cpatterson@pittsboropolice.org